Oatmeal Cookies and Polka Dots

It is a bitterly cold winter day and a good time to try out a recipe from a cookbook I gave Brooke for Christmas. She and I have baked together since she was so small she had to stand on a chair beside me to to reach the counter. Alas, now she is all grown up and her job, for the most part, consumes her time. I bought her this book because of its title, ‘Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy’ by Alice Medrich. This woman sounds like she knows a thing or two about cookies, and I like cookies better than just about any other not so good for you food.

I mixed together the ingredients for her Oatmeal Cookies, but she suggests that you allow the dough to rest for at least 2 hours.

With time to spare before I can bake them, I decided to mix up some potting soil and lavish some attention on a few of my plants bursting out of their tiny pots. The sunlight cast a brilliant light on my subjects as I inspected them for problems and removed any dead or battered leaves.

Polka Dot Plant

These tasks are basic plant housekeeping – a necessity for healthy specimens. Growing plants inside our dry and overheated home is not akin to their natural preferences so I have to do a lot of coddling that is unnecessary when they’re basking in the perfection of a long summer day. Insects are my biggest fear because they reproduce so rapidly indoors, and I hate using insecticidal soap let alone something lethal.

Episcia hybrid

Fortunately these plants look healthy. Once repotted they are ready to go back to the basement under the gro lights and I finally can bake the cookies.

Only 15 minutes till tea time!


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