Orchids in Teacups

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  1. Win says:

    Wow. Mom, what a shot! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dr. Natalie:-) says:

    OMG! That’s just so beautiful, both the picture AND the orchids! What a great idea to put them in teacups! Could you please teach me how to make them thrive like that? I need help, mine just never come back!:-(

  3. suzie carter says:

    you are soooo clever Perry! The orchids are precious and so are you….xx Suzie

  4. Susan Johnston says:

    Perry, as usual, just beautiful. Next time I am home I will pick your brains on these. All my orchids have done so well for years and just recently I have been losing them all, one by one. SO SAD!

  5. Joanna Callow says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m planning my wedding and was trying to think of centerpieces that can double as gifts for couples to take home. I came up with planting orchids in antique tea cups to go with my vintage theme, passion for antiques and love of orchids. I entered it into google and your photo popped up. Just beautiful! Will they grow ok without drainage? Any special planting advice or growing tips that I can give everyone?

    • Perry says:

      Hi Joanna, My friend Laura and I asked friends to donate teacups, and planted them up with miniature orchids and we sold them at a fundraiser for a civic project. They looked stunning – and had so much character! What a lovely idea for your wedding. I have 3 orchids that have survived their teacups for over a year. The trick is not to overwater. They are planted in orchid bark (the smaller chunks), and I water once a week, soaking the bark in the teacups, and then in about an hour, pouring out all the excess. They are also in bright indirect light.
      Let me know what you end up doing!

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