Veya Restaurant

For my husband to be greeted at the door of a restaurant with the chef and her assistant showing off a 78 lb tuna, is beyond his notion of Heaven. Carrie, the adorable chef at Veya on Anguilla, became his newest kindred spirit. Both, admirers of pure Japanese tradition and aesthetic, Carrie quickly set to work in the kitchen carving delicate slices of sashimi, a delicious mixture of tuna tartar, and a third concoction of an olive-oily, scalliony tuna morsel, especially for Jim.

At home, we rarely go out to eat anymore because all too often the food is uninspired and over-priced. Dining out feels more a convenience than a celebration. Rarely are we served something so original and delicious, that we beg the chef to give us a hint about it’s preparation.

From beginning to end, Veya delighted, and I wanted to be left behind to be Carrie’s shadow in her kitchen.

Carrie and her husband Jerry, (the owners), are doing everything right. Each one of their employees was as delightful and bright and shining as the next. They dashed in with drinks and conch fritters before we barely had our napkins in our laps, immediately followed by a basket of johnny cakes that had Jim begging for detailed cooking techniques. We were enchanted before we’d even considered an entree.

We shared their tamarind chicken entree, a new flavor for us, discovering something delicious we can’t wait to experiment with at home. Scalloped potatoes were an out of this world creamy side dish.

It was a magical tropical evening with a crescent storybook moon and a multitude of brilliant stars overhead. We were already dreaming about our next dinner at Veya.

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4 Responses to Veya Restaurant

  1. Win says:

    Fish does not get more fresh than that!

  2. Nick says:

    Sometimes we get tired of eating the same old things, rotisserie chicken, barbecued pork chops, spaghetti, tuna fish sandwichs. Then we discover a new restaurant, that serves only raw foods with amazing sauces we have never tasted before using raw cashew butter, hemp seeds, or raw almonds. We think, wow, I have never tasted anything like this before. In the Caribbean, super fresh fish, creamy scalloped potatoes, and a new spice like tamarind, can refresh us, inspire us, and remind us of the first time we tasted a really ripe delicious papaya. Magical

  3. Susan Johnston says:

    What a fantastic place this sounds like. I can relate to the tuna presentation to Skip. I am sure he was in heaven. Sounds like this is another jewel you two have found!

  4. Abigail Midgley says:

    I had the privilege and pleasure to work for Carrie and Jerry when they owned a wonderful establishment in the states. I’m so glad to hear that nothing has changed as far as their ability to impress with their talents combined. My mouth still waters just thinking about the caliber of food that Carrie makes and they are still talked about and missed to this day. I’m so glad they decided to share their talents with more than just our little town, and so very lucky to have had the opportunity to experience all they had to offer for the time that I did!

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