Go Figure

With all the delicious food and wine I indulged in while on vacation, I have to work extra hard this week to get myself back in line.

I had been blessed all my life with a metabolism that churned through anything I ate and begged for more. A few years ago, however, it began to let me down – shoot, I was gaining weight.

I used to be able to keep up with the men in my life, eating plates of food heaped high with the best of them. But suddenly, my metabolism was changing.

I went to my doctor to find out if there was anything I could do, because the extra weight just didn’t feel like me….

He told me I could wake up my metabolism by shocking or jolting it with intense calorie burning exercise. I had been practicing yoga for years, but he recommended I ramp up the intensity, so I went hunting for something different.

I found a class that incorporates yoga with pilates, light weights, and a little boot camp. It is one hour of super challenging, precise exercises that target the major muscle groups. The class may be packed with up to 24 women, normally a deal killer for me, but their effort, helps me dig deeper to build my core strength. Having a crowd of fierce women pouring out positive, determined energy, is a powerful motivator.

Cindy Sites is the powerhouse and founder of The Figure Method. She brings tons of humor and ebullient energy to her classes, not to mention a 10 to the higher power body, that we all wish we had.

If I go regularly, I feel strong and limber. When I slack off, within a week, my body is reminding me of my age, and I limp back and face the music.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve had to make exercising a priority. I don’t weigh my options or my mood; I just show up.

Then my attitude towards everything for the rest of the day is far more upbeat and I’m a kinder, more even-keeled person.

Cindy is taking over the country one studio at a time.
If you’re lucky, she will be opening a studio near you.
Her method really changes bodies.

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