Is there a better day of the week than Saturday?

I think it is the most satisfying, tranquil, exhilarating day of the week. To wake up knowing you have an entire weekend ahead and the freedom to allow the day to unwind and take you wherever a whim leads, is pure luxury.

Sunday is different. You are already fretting about Monday and concerned with the challenges awaiting your attention, and devising a list of goals and a game plan for the week to come.

But Saturday is pure gift. The luxury of time and whatever you want to do with it, awaits.

My husband is very industrious. He’s usually in his workshop in the basement, busy at his table saw, experimenting with a new jig or some cool gadget that enables him to perfect a particular thing he is building. Or, he is up in his studio working on a piece of music, and entranced with a new melody on his keyboard.

We’re both working on our own projects, occassionally taking a break to throw a ball for the dogs and marvel at their athleticism and the pure joy they exude in spending time with us. They recognize it is Saturday too and they revel in having us home. They will bring a toy up to Jim’s office and watch him eat his lunch, as they know he usually saves his last bite for them. They know Saturdays often include a long walk in the woods, or a ride in the Gator. The day is just as full of anticipation for them as it is for us.

Sometimes I’ll roast a couple of chickens the night before so we’ll have the makings for lots of yummy things to eat over the weekend.

This Chicken and Wild Rice Salad is a perfect weekend lunch:

Cook 1 cup of wild rice about 40 minutes in a lot of water. Taste for doneness.
In a bowl combine the following creating the proportions you like in relation to the wild rice….
chopped celery
grated carrots
a little chopped red onion
chopped dried cranberries or whole currants
Drained wild rice

Shred or chop the meat of one of the roasted chickens, again adding what looks right to you….

Then chop parsley and 1 clove of garlic
whisk in 1/4 cup combo of balsamic glaze and champagne vinegar = 1/4 cup
whisk in a couple T of mayo and some salt and pepper
whisk in 2 T canola oil

Pour over chicken and rice.

Toast some chopped hazelnuts or nuts of choice.
Serve chicken and wild rice over a bed of greens.
Sprinkle with toasted nuts

You’ll be very happy!

Saturdays are the best!

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