Hello Beautiful!

Spring is an incredible time of year. The plant kingdom is in overdrive. Can you believe how intricate this flower is? The downward facing flowers look like beautiful miniature parasols.

Every time I turn around something new is blooming.This little collection of bulbs are only a couple inches tall. I planted lots of them so they would beckon to me from the other side of the yard.

Today the sky is shrouded and subdued but the colors about town sure aren’t. This little guy is called Peeping Tom.

The forsythia looks like it is shouting for attention. Shrieking, in fact.

The saucer magnolias were just unfurling their voluptuous blooms when a frost zapped their flowers. Goodbye till next year.Lizzie’s daughter won this tree a decade ago from a local nursery at their annual pumpkin weight guessing contest!

I’m trying to live with my eyes wide open, my mind quiet and grateful, so I soak up all the beauty.

It fades in the blink of an eye.

Spring flowers are here and then a memory. This is Tulip ‘Persian Pearl.’ It’s flower is the size of a quarter, subtle and enchanting. A year is a long time to wait to see them again.

So much beauty. If I don’t pay attention, I’ll miss it.

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