Hello Springtime!

The warm days are unfurling one after another, as if a month was torn off the calendar and discarded. My inner clock is aware something is out of sync. It is disconcerting to see my tulips blooming in March. On the other hand, dispensing with winter clothes is exhilarating.

I’m already spending a lot of time in the garden, cleaning up and planting seeds.

Our friend Scottie, grew thousands more peas than we did last year by rigging netting in parallel rows in his garden. We were awed by his haul and decided to devise a similar apparatus with cedar posts and wire mesh. It is right outside our back door, and has become my favorite new toy. I could hardly wait to plant. The guys did such a beautiful job, bordering it with brick.

One of Jim’s favorite vegetables to eat straight out of the garden are peas, so I planted 4 different varieties: a tradional shelling pea, sugar snaps, alaska peas, and pigeon peas, a variety that our gardening friends in Anguilla love.
Blanketing the feet of the vines, are seeds of beets, chard, spinach, and climbing from either end of the trellis, are morning glories. For good measure I threw forget me not seeds under the trellis, and sweet peas in the sliver between the two arbors.

Enough is never enough for Jim and I, so we ran out and bought a wine barrel to place next to our new garden, to fill with flowers.

Our big vegetable garden is protected by a fence and wire mesh that is secured one foot beneath the surface to prevent tunneling creatures from storming the garden. The new arbors are positioned close to the kitchen door, and Poppy and Lily’s Border Control Central Station, so I’m confident the local varmints don’t stand a chance of stealing Jim’s peas.

I love Anne Raver’s articles in the NY Times on gardening. Yesterday, in ‘Early Spring, Early Planting’, she wrote about her zeal for growing vegetables last year, that cost her her beloved butterflies, as they sought out the flowers in her neighbors yard for nectar. This year she’s planting plenty of flowers too, and so am I.

One of my favorites is Renee’s Garden Butterfly Cosmos ‘Little Ladybirds’. I began growing them about 3 years ago, charmed by the name. It grows happily between the vegetables, and flowers its little heart out all summer.
Another favorite are zinnias and this year I choose Renee’s Raspberry Sorbet. I also love blue bachelor buttons, calendula, violas and nasturtiums.

I don’t think we really are just going to zoom through spring without nature finding her equilibrium and slowing our pace. I’d be relieved. Otherwise summer could be blistering hot and tough on creatures great and small.

And I’m a ducks in a row kind of girl. I like my peonies and roses to bloom in June, my mums to bloom in the fall, and ice on the pond in winter. Then I know the world is spinning perfectly on its axis and human beings are not messing with the nest.

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