I’m staying with my Mom this week who just celebrated her 94th birthday.

She is an amazing woman. She developed a morning routine years ago and never strays far from it.

She begins her day eating a small container of yogurt with juice, then drives to the gym to walk on the treadmill, lift light weights and use a couple of her favorite machines. She likes to say hello to the other early morning fitness warriors with whom she’s legendary.

Then she returns home to eat her favorite muffin, donut or sticky bun, with a cup of coffee and reads the local paper, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today and zips through a few crossword puzzles.

After she has worked out her body, then tested her mental agility, she feels prepared to jump into the day.

I find her tough to keep up with.

Another secret to her longevity is her little dog, Boodle, a Bichon Frise, who was abandoned on the interstate in Miami. Mom adopted him, under the impression she was bringing home a puppy. When she visited the Vet for an evaluation of her new pet, she learned he was considerably older, with rotting teeth and a damaged larnyx.

My elderly Mom had adopted an elderly dog.
Six years have passed and the both of them are keeping in stride.

Mom is forced to continue moving, remaining limber enough to reach almost to the ground to attach his harness. Together they explore the neighborhood, especially searching for Boodle’s canine friends. When she sits down to relax, he begs to be picked up, because he loves her and always wants to be close to her.

They’re both nearly deaf now and continuing to age gracefully together, a wise and beautiful mistress and her adoring, elderly companion.

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  1. Dr. Natalie says:

    Amazing story! Happy Birthday, Mom! and kisses to un petit Francois!:-)
    Big hug,

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