Earth Day Eve

Oh my gosh! I am exhausted!
Jim and I have been synched in a pure state of industriousness…. all the live long day!

We began with a smoothie for two:
2 large Bananas
1 cup frozen organic strawberries
1 cup lowfat vanilla Stoneyfield yogurt
2 T flaxseed
Water (go easy if you like it thick like a milkshake)
Whip in blender and you have breakfast!

By 9 we were in the car for a little garden shopping… then home to reseed the lawn; (I swear it’s a racquet that you have to keep throwing seed down every spring).

With new pots to plant,
a couple new additions to shoe horn into the garden,
happy dogs,
a wonderful lunch of homemade chicken salad because I thought ahead for once,
we were both running on all cylinders.

The sun was going down at 7:30 when the dogs persuaded me to surrender and feed them.

Upper Barn Chardonnay, dinner, and Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies = what a great day!
Look at these fat buds of promise!

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