Gasparilla State Park

Towards sunset the place to be is the state park.

It is like feeding time at an aquatic zoo.

A giant dinner plate lays beneath the Gulf waters at the southern tip of Gasparilla Island, where the currents converge between the barrier islands in a saltwater cocktail, teaming with life.

It is a spectacular party atmosphere with lots of gorging, chatter, high spirits and beautiful creatures everywhere you look.

In a perfect aquatic environment, manatees loll lazily off shore sipping tiny fish into their massive bodies.

Nearby, dolphin are cruising up the shore in tandem, as if part of a synchronised performance.

The shore birds are not skittish in the least. They are too intoxicated by the plentiful food, and busy sifting through the backwash of the gentle surf.

Fishermen entertain spectators, reeling in a diversity of fish, most have never seen before: ladyfish, jack, flounder, macherel, snook – each one so beautiful and mysterious, unfamiliar to our land bound sight.

Another world exists beneath the sea. We can’t breath in their ocean and they can’t breath our air.

We depend on them to continue to feed us. They would do better without us.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Look at all that beautiful wildlife!

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