Happy Easter!

Have you ever had a plan for a day that was well-intentioned and yet everything seemed to stand in your way?

I had that kind of day yesterday.

I only wanted to make cookies for the children’s Easter table at church.

My genious husband fashioned a cross out an old tin Christmas tree. He began by making a template out of wood and then bent the tin around the cross. It was perfect.

I went on line and chose a sugar cookie recipe that had 5000 happy reviews and went to work….

Why is it when you really want to have something work out beautifully, you know from the get-go things aren’t going the way you’d imagined.

Simple sugar cookies have only a few ingredients. It is tough to mess it up. The first batch out of the oven were puffy and cake like, and the clear beautiful line of the cookie cutter cross was lost in a Rorschach-like blob.

After several more attempts to recify them, I scrapped the ugly mess, Jim ran out and bought me another pound of butter, and I opened up my trusted Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. I measured the ingredients for her divine shortbread recipe, threw them all into the KitchenAid, and flipped it on. When the flour flew up into a cloud around my head, I knew that I was not out of the culinary woods.

A crazed woman now, I actually laughed, ran the vacuum around my disaster zone, took a deep breath, and forged on.

I had doubled Ina’s recipe, and must have miss-counted the sticks of butter or the many cups of flour because when the perfect cookie cutter shapes hit the heat, the dough pooled into a butter crisp.

After pressing masses of flour into the remaining dough, I managed to salvage enough for a tray of cookies.

Fortunately the icing saved the day. I had just watched The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, make scones on the Food Network.
When they were cool she dipped them into a glaze of powdered sugar, milk and vanilla bean ‘caviar’. I managed to not mess up these three ingredients. Dividing the icing into three bowls, I added yellow, pink and violet food coloring and glazed the cookies.

The kids at church were throughly delighted with all the goodies. Yesterday was tenuous, but today I was redeemed by all the happy children. The girls in the pink dresses chose the pink cookies, while the girls in lavender chose the lavender ones. And the boys? They didn’t care what color they were. They were giddy from all the early morning sweets.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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