Artists on Main Street

Back in February, I wrote about our local arts council and their major fundraising event called Art to the Avenue. It began ten years ago as an opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in shops and restaurants, for the month of May, along the main street of our town.

Last February, each artist brought their portfolio and a piece of their work to the arts council and the shop keepers had the opportunity to select the artist they wished to represent in their shop.

Opening night last Thursday, the shops stayed open late, and people dropped everything, to turn out for this not to be missed, giant street-side, walking cocktail party. I guess this one night the cops are willing to pretend everyone is drinking non-alcoholic beverages.

For a while we experienced what heaven must be like where every one is friendly, relaxed, and the town is aglow with good will toward men.

My friend Laura has been the stellar organizer for the past few years, and though I am not an artist, she invited me to show some of my photographs, as long as a shop chose me. Lo and behold, a lovely shop keeper and his wife did.

I have worked very hard in the last few weeks to select and frame photos that I thought were my best. Agh! I have to admit, agreeing to do it was easy, but after viewing my thousands of photographs, I realized that my photography has a long way to climb before I could possibly call it ‘Art’.

None the less, I cobbled together 22 photographs, and Jim, my devoted spouse, hung them, in this lovely little shop called St Germaine.

St Germaine is owned by Shoa and Susan Parsa, an adorable couple that owned a beloved restaurant called Figaro for many years, before closing its doors and beginning their new boutique venture.

In spite of its name, St Germaine showcases only American clothing designers, and particularly those who are local. Each garment has a story behind it and a person who created it. It makes the shop very personal and special, which reflects the warmth and graciousness of its owners.

Lots of people came wandering in to look, and share a glass of wine.
Sometimes our hearts soften and our eye is more appreciative after a little wine and a bite of cheese, and I actually sold a photograph.

For the month of May, the shops display the art and hopefully it will all find a home. The art council earns 30 % from all the sales, which helps to pay their operating costs and support the fabulous programs they host all year.

The enrichment they offer the town through their programs is one reason this is such a great place to live.

Here is one of my favorite photographs.

Jim is a hyper fast walker, so no matter where we are he’s at least a 1/2 block ahead of me.
Consequently, I have a lot of photographs of his back.
This one is pretty cool though.
It looks like he’s having a profound conversation with God.

It is amazing to see the symbiotic relationship between art and clothing.
Even my non-artistic photographs makes St Germaine’s clothing look more interesting.
And, in turn, their clothing in some mysterious way makes my photos look better.

A win/win, hopefully sale/sale.

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    Thanks for the comments about Art to the Avenue! Love your blog! Laura

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