Iced Tea and Book Group

I grew up drinking Lipton’s Iced Tea Mix. It came in a fool proof packet that required no measuring; you dumped the powder into 2 quarts of water and voila! It quenched the thirst of our big family.

Nowadays I pretty much drink water or wine, so with the book group coming today, I asked my pal Laura to email me her superb peach tea recipe. My Mama never taught me to make lady-like proper tea.

Laura took off this morning on a Garden Conservancy Tour, so I had to figure out how to make a palatable tea remembering that she said the basis to hers is lots of mint steeped with herbal peach tea bags.

So here you go! Try it if you dare!

Peach and Strawberry Iced Tea

Boil 8 cups of water.
Turn off the burner and add 16 Country Peach Passion Tea Bags from Celestial Seasonings.
Go out to the garden and cut 7 – 8 stems of mint and add them to the pot of tea bags to steep for 30 minutes.
Scoop out the tea bags and mint and add to the compost pile.
Puree a container of strawberries in the Cuisinart and add to the tea.
Add 2 cups of peach nectar.
Before serving strain the tea so your friends don’t choke on the unexpected pieces of strawberry floating in their glass.
Add ice and serve!

We discussed Pulitzer prize winning author, Geraldine Brooks’ historical fiction story, called Celeb’s Crossing.
It is a beautifully told story about an American Indian young man, Caleb, and an American girl named Bethia, in 17th century Massachusetts.
It is a story about cultures, spirituality and the early years of Harvard College.

We had a great discussion fueled by large quantities of Peach Iced Tea!

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  1. Little Honey says:

    I really loved the post on book club! Would you have any other reading recommendations? Also, I’m looking for a fun, fitting name for a book group of literature loving ladies, who gather gladly in Greenwich to discuss dialogue and talk text. Would you have a suggestion??

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