Ticket to England for Cheap

I went on a garden tour today to an extraordinary place.
It was as if I had entered the enchanting English countryside, and lucked into an insiders peek into the Queen Mum’s garden.

The garden has been a collaboration for fifteen years by designers Francois Goffinet and
Diane Devore.

Everywhere we wandered over the fifteen acre property was as pretty as a picture.

The spring perennial border is a heavenly mixture of blues from nepeta, baptisia, and iris.
Notice the perfection of the lawn, all organic by the way!

Outside the master suite is their very own private rose garden. The New Dawn Roses gently draw out the pink tones in the brick. The beds are filed with fairy roses and forget me nots. (sigh…)

The many giant pots of Agapanthus are over-wintered in a greenhouse, and kindly returned to the garden in bud.

These pots at the entrance to the Rose Garden, are planted very simply with the dwarf morning glory, Convolvulus.

The reflecting pools are filled with water colored with black dye, to better reflect the sky. Remember this property is all organic, so the dye is naturally derived. The extensive hedges throughout are hornbeam and little leaf linden.

The blue pots throughout the pool area are a playful jolt of color, but not refined like the rest of the property.

This last picture reminds me of an Architectural Digest cover shot.

The verdant lawns, the soft color palette of the flowers throughout, the openness of the sky, the blessed quiet, all assuaged my need for a little vacation.

I felt transported to England, if only for an hour.

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