July Garden

The garden exploded while I was away.

The petunias in the window box outside the kitchen created a flowery scrim over the screen. I feel like Miss Havisham, secreted away behind my green curtain. I need a machete to clear the view.

The tomato plants grew well over my head, but the chipmunks have helped themselves to anything bigger than a marble. And I thought Lily was such a terror and natural-born huntress.

Apparently they don’t like peppers. These amazing little works of art were consumed hot off the grill for dinner.

The sweet potatoes have blanketed the beds, swallowing up the artichoke foliage and anything else in their path. The tubers better be growing big and fat, for all the territory they’re consuming.

Everything is calling out for help, but a heat wave limits my zeal. I follow the shady spots around the yard imagining Jim finding me, melted into the potato patch. My faithful canine gardening companions wait at the door for me, begging for their cool beds next to the air-conditioning.

The lawn exploded with weeds, in my brief absence.
I have been plucking out the easiest of them. It reminds me of doing needlepoint.
I’ll just do one more row. Well, maybe just one more row. Ok, just one more stitch….
Our lawn is chemical free, and I route out the weeds the old-fashioned way.

Some plants got along just fine without me.
This urn is a mid summer extravaganza.

But the Calendula made my heart sing. I had sown it in early spring in a whiskey barrel surrounded by pansies. An effortless sprinkle of seed, was followed by days of wonder as it came to life.
Now the plants are bursting out of the barrel, entwined with lantana, robust and carefree.

Saturday, we went to the Farmers Market, in lieu of blueberry picking at 95 degrees.
What opulence!

Here are eight ways to inspire you to eat more blueberries, from Food 52!

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