Garden Lessons

In a blink of an eye the warmth has fled the vegetable garden, and though we haven’t had a frost, the warm weather crops are done.

The garden produced like a miraculous machine all summer.

Before it is a distant memory, I’m noting the good, bad, must do’s and don’t do’s.
It will be a helpful guide come spring, when my fervor will overwhelm all good reason, not to mention my memory.

Things I will do differently:
One pepper plant will be enough, as truth be told, we’re not keen on them.
They are just so beautiful…..

Plant our favorite heirloom varieties of tomatoes, but include types that are good for canning, my new passion.

One side of the garden gets a lot more sun than the other so designate that area for the sun worshipers.

Remove the perennial Black-eyed Susan that have seeded themselves in valuable space, and Sheffield pink Mums that were once grown from a cutting, and prospered.

The gourds have brought humor into the garden – a yes next year.

Give the greedy Lemon Verbena a challenging spot outside the veg garden and let it gallop away.

Don’t bother with morning glory unless it is in a hot, full sun location or it begins to bloom just when frost is imminent.

Stake the Dahlias vigilantly and then stake again.

One cucumber plant feeds our family all summer long.

Don’t bother with cabbage – the cabbage loper is waiting to be fed.

The whiskey barrel of orange Lantana and Calendula from seed was a effortless, cheerful giver all summer long.

Plant garlic by the end of October, and cut off the flower scapes no matter how much it hurts next summer.

More parsley and basil please.

Sweet potatoes are wonderful, but the vine smothers everything within a mile.
Find a solution to this before next May.

Plant broccoli early for raw broccoli salad and put a row cover over it to keep away the cabbage moths.

Plant lots of peas and lettuce and share with abandon.

Plan ahead and plant seeds in the kitchen because the joy of watching a plant sprout, grow, thrive, and feed us is one of the best gifts in life.

And summer meals are especially delicious.

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