A Puppy Deluge

Wow, everybody is having puppies… not exactly having them, but suddenly an eight week old has moved in to stay.

I’m front-ended by tender, pure, puppy adorableness everywhere I go.

Valentine’s Day, my son Win, and his beloved Natalie, brought home this eight week old bundle of charisma, and named her Eloise.
Eloise_WEB Just sleigh me now….
Natalie says Eloise wakes up from a nap, poops and pees, plays, then collapses and does it all again.
Oh please – all this baby stuff, brings me to my knees.

Win and Natalie are baby sitting for this little bundle of super toughness this weekend.
Badger is pure alpha male Springer Spaniel.
His teeth are special killing machines, and until he learns what he’s hunting, he practices on everyone who reaches out a hand.

Lily and Badger My Lily has met her match.
Here’s Lily, wondering what Badger is doing in her bed!
You got to love the way puppies play like mini warriors then just keel over and sleep like they’ve been drugged.

My friend Laura started this puppy madness when she adopted this teeny tiny fluff ball named Jax.
All these little creatures need a giant portion of love, time and training to stand on four legs and be the best pups that their breed is capable of.

Poppy Folded Paws
Poppy is a good example.
A huge commitment, with a payback of undying love, loyalty, and affection.
Count me in.

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