Home Purging

metal flowerI love the beginning of a new year.
It reminds me of being a little girl on the first day of school, brimming with expectations for the year ahead, armed with perfectly sharp #2 pencils, a brand new notebook filled with clean paper, and new books to be discovered.

January is like that for me, but first I have to clear away the remnants of the last year, so I can begin again, with high hopes for the year to come.

There are so many elements to keeping a home running smoothly, and it’s always a great relief when my year-end wrap-up chores are complete….just under my January 31st deadline.

I have cleaned every closet and drawer – cleaning up and paring down. We have been blessed with many things, but truth is, we tend use our few favorite things again and again.

I’ve given a lot away.

Recently, I had a friend help me streamline my closet. I’ve made some poor clothing choices along the way, and some pieces have been following me for decades, like some shoulder-padded movie from 1987 that keeps playing again and again. She helped me let go, and a lot made it’s way to local charities.

I had a drawer full of dead batteriesbatteries 2 that needed to go to the recycling center…done!

Win's books
My son had shelves of old college textbooks that were bowing the bookcases in his room- books current students would love to use. We carted them to a distribution center; a major feat…done!
I had my 2012 files to sort through, pare down, and store. Staples had lots of colorful ways to help. Done!

So many tasks are perfect for January, but will never happen in June.

The attic and garage …. those are for another … year.

January is past but the year is still new, and I feel lighter and better prepared for what lies ahead.

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