Bldgs on StreetLooking back at my photos of Cuba, I realized it would be a pity to omit our visit to Trinidad.

Located in the southeast, on the Caribbean Sea, it is a beautifully preserved Colonial town, a world away from the bustle and pollution of Havana.

Horse and Buggy Goats

We traveled from Havana by bus for hours on narrow well-worn highways, without a shoulder.

A horse and buggy, farm animals,
bicycles, and pedestrians, all have an equal right to the road.

Our adept driver had to choose his moments carefully to maneuver past the commuter traffic.

Here, a herd of goats wandered the highway.

As we neared Trinidad, we encountered a billion land crabs.

The crabs were crossing the highway to  the beach to deposit their eggs, before doubling back across the highway to return to the hinterlands. Oh my-  no Peta animal rights people were there to insure their safe journey.
They needed a highway all their own.

I loved Trinidad. The people were friendly, attractive and happy.

I had the feeling this man sat here every day in front of this blue wall, looking most dapper, just to have his picture taken – throughout the island, the people request a dollar from you if you take their picture.

Beautiful Man My astute and thoughtful friend Laura, actually stuffed her suitcase with candy, makeup and toiletries to give the local women and children.

Laura and Beautiful Friend


These old-timers have probably lived in Trinidad their entire lives. See the birdcage at their feet? We saw caged birds throughout the town – is this in lieu of a radio?

Old FriendsThe women are famous throughout Cuba for the most beautiful embroidery.

Embroidery 2

The town is surrounded by fertile land, and wagons and wheelbarrows filled with just picked produce were everywhere. Onions on Wheelbarrow

Bananas on cart

We couldn’t eat it though… or drink the water.Papayas

This was the view from my hotel room – see the nuns beside the church hustling along in their wimples? This town is charming.
Nuns in Whimpels

And this is how they put us to bed every night!



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