Seed Starting Extravaganza

My Little Lady

Oh, when the sun shines and the temperature is just warm enough for a tee shirt, and Jim and I are free to putter around our little fiefdom, I think I have found a little bit of heaven on Greenbriar Lane.

Yesterday, nudging tiny seeds into seed starting mix, I daydreamed of vines heavy with the perfume of a thousand flowers, rumbling with bees drunk on their intoxicating nectar. The dog days of summer will be here in a flash, and I’m planting a smorgasbord of pleasures for us and the birds, butterflies and honeybees.

The birds are busy with their mating rituals, flying in tandem and calling in a spouse from prominent lookouts around the house. A bird feeder suspended from a branch close to the woods, is Grand Central for little yellow warblers, eager seed eaters. I’m feeding them now so they stick around during the summer, lured into our late summer garden by the flowers giving up their seed.

Nicking Seed

Today I’m thinking about what will give us pleasure come summer and planting seeds.

I began by moistening a bag of seed starting mix in a clean pail, and filling lots of peat pots. The morning glory seeds have a tough seed coat, so I pinched off a tiny bit so that the moisture can seep in and soften the shell. You gotta love the name ‘Grandpa Ott.’ I ordered it from Swallowtail Garden in Santa Rosa, California. It says Mr Ott has large velvety rich royal purple trumpet shaped flowers. It sounds like it will be a hummingbird magnet.


The parsnip ‘Albion’ from Cook’s Garden in Warminster, PA have curious flat disc shaped seed. They are supposed to have a sweet and spicy flavor, perfect for the Cauliflower and Parsnip Mash from this earlier

Notice how coarse this seed starting mix is? It is a peat-less mixture composed of coconut husks, worm castings, parboiled rice hulls (?), and turkey litter (???).


Chopsticks are the perfect implement for poking the seed to the optimum depth specified in the instructions on the seed packet.

A Good Day


The rewards begin with the excitement of the first sprout and last through many bountiful meals for man and beast. The miracle of a tiny seed.


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