June Gloom

Gray SkiesWhile I was out snapping pictures of the garden with my iPhone, my fidgety fingers accidentally shot a few surprises, because, oops, I left it in camera mode….. but this tells the story. Gray skies about to make another delivery.

Its either feast or famine. Early spring I was hauling hoses everywhere to deliver a drink to the parched. Now on the brink of summer, rubber boots are in order to cross the swampy yard.

Pink RosesAt dawn, I was out cutting roses before the next deluge. I have never had so many blossoms. The abundant rainfall of May and June, 2013, will be noted in the width of the tree rings someday. There is no doubt that the plants love this weather.

UrnOnly a week ago the garden had a lot of admirers. Lupins

Don’t the lupin look pretty? In Vermont, where I first fell in love with them, they self sow in the cool, wet meadows. It is amazing wadding through the fields waist deep in these lovelies.

CampanulaThe Campanula ‘Waterfall’ is a bed of blue stars, defying the soaking rain.

Wet Veg Garden

The wet veg. garden continues to supply us with abundant lettuces and sorrel, but its scary to think of the fungal problems I’m bound to reckon with on the squash and tomatoes.Hot PinkThese hot pink flowers bring some needed zing on a cold wet day.Looking skyward

Me and my girl are looking skyward, waiting for this gloomy weather to pass. Hello Summer…… are you coming soon?

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  1. Natalie says:

    Lovely post! Wishing the sun would come out too!!!

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