RoadThe Gulf coast near Naples is a ghost town in August. Not a creature stirs, except an occasional turtle crossing the quiet thoroughfares to visit relatives on the other side. The roads remind me of a great big bowling alley with no pins in sight.

My Mom has lived here for 20 years, appreciative of these quiet months before the snowbirds migrate back around Thanksgiving.  But this summer is too long and lonely.

She and I are packing up all her worldly goods and moving her to the north country near meSpanish Moss, where I can keep a more watchful eye on her.

We looked at ‘senior -living’  facilities nearby but there is a horrible feeling of abandonment amongst these people. Many of these old folks look as if they are waiting for someone to rescue them.

A good chat, a kind touch, and attention seems to reignite their spirits ….. just like all of us. We are social creatures who come full circle at the end, needing someone else to tend to our basic needs.

We are so ill-prepared to do this.

And yet, somewhere it says, to those who much has been given, much is expected. My Mom has spent most of her 95 years looking out for me. I want her to know in these last years of her life how much she is loved.Hibiscus



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  1. Leigh french says:

    So very beautifully said, Perry. It reminded me that I would occasionally see you visiting a resident at Parsonage Cottage when I was there seeing my Dad. I believe that stage in life has got to be the hardest. Your Mother is blessed to have you as her daughter. Xx

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