Acorns are A’Fallin’

It always takes me by surprise when I’m walking the dogs on a beautiful summer day, and see the first freshly fallen acorns. I associate acorns with Fall and hoarding squirrels, and winter survival. We’re barely half way through summer for Pete’s sake. I don’t need reminding that, of all seasons, summer is the shortest.

But I have a thing for acorns. They are beautiful and whimsical – a nut donning a wooden cap!Three Acorns

I’ll share with you one of my favorite whittlers of acorns, flowers, and all things natural. His name was Grinling Gibbons and he worked in England in the 17th and early 18th c.  He carved his amazing still lives in lime (Tilia) wood.Grinling_Gibbons_Hampton_Court

These are one of the many arts I fear we’ve lost.



What a sweet circle. The trees grow. They inspire us with their beauty. They give us presents… nuts, fruit, flowers…and acorns. And when they fall, artists create new beauty that will last long into the future…furniture, floors, fences…and acorns.

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