The Wild Garden

Having recently decided to expand my knowledge and awareness of birds and bees in our yard, I see it’s already paying off. I know the occupants of each house, their song, their flight patterns, and which flowers they prefer.

JJ and I went birding down on the shore, where we saw these space age modular housing units for Purple Martins.  They are family oriented birds and live in squabbling colonies… kinda like us. They do everything together: bathe, hunt, primp, and nurture the next generation. JJ is in the middle of building a multi- family unit to attract Martins here, if he can decode the complicated instructions that came with the kit.

Purple Martins

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Wren are on their third brood, and I have to think she’s sorry she stepped into the boudoir that night! This set of chics does nothing but complain from dawn to dusk, while Mom and Dad frantically scope the neighborhood for anything to shut these little brats up! If I were a nicer person, I would run down to the fishing store and pick up a bag of luscious worms to leave on their doormat.

We’ve been blessed with abundant rain throughout our spring and early summer, and the garden has responded by growing luxuriously fat and happy. All of our perennials have grown an extra foot,Coneflowers and I see eye to eye with my anemones as I wade through the waist deep hosta flowers.Daylily

The pesky garden insects are singing hooray too. This daylily is like a handful of sunshine, yet marred by the jaws of a snail…..  There must be an army of nasties wading through my garden by night, because each morning, I’m met with more kale and cabbage resembling swiss cheese.

I spent yesterday crawling through the garden, weeding out thousands of maple seedlings. This place is hell-bent on returning to a forest. If I were step way from the garden, and let’s say, live in Provence for a year, (an idea my husband won’t even contemplate,(?:(#)), coming home might give me heart palpitations, as it’s likely to look like we’d been gone a decade.


Cut Flowers

Three yellow goldfinches pecked off the petals of my dinner table flower arrangement, to gorge on the seeds, thanks very much!


This is a male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. He is attracted to Verbena bonariensis, an all- time great annual that I use in all my flower beds. A single pink coneflower had a honey bee, a swallowtail and a Great Spangled Fritillary sharing dinner.

SnapsI had the most magnificent stand of snapdragons  4 1/2 ‘ tall, until Lily imagined a chipmunk city was burrowing beneath them, and dug a three foot crater.

Every day is a new adventure in the garden. There are always successes and failures, but my passion draws me back, for it is forever stimulating. You will always find me there, looking for new surprises.



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