Hot Tomato

My brother’s tomatoes in Virginia ripen much faster than mine in Connecticut. I’m happy for him, sort of…. and a wee bit envious.

I took his advise and bought the rig shown below, from Gardener’s Supply Company , called ‘Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Planter’. The kit supplies everything you need, boasting: “revolutionary design, amazing results!” This is the kind of thing I would have written off as a gimmick, had my brother’s experience not been so positive.

8592161_369_gardeners-revolution-complete-tomato-garden-kit-red-clayIt was great fun to set up. It has a reservoir beneath the pot with an ingenious wicking system, giving you a grace period of an extra day or so, before you need to haul out a watering can to refill it.

I chose a Beefsteak tomato, my husband’s favorite, and stationed the planter close to our kitchen door on the hot flagstone hoping to hasten growth and fruiting.


Voila! The thing works.

I quickly found the ratio of plant to planter problematic. On a windy day, my coddled plant and container toppled over. I relocated it to a protected spot against the house, where it has grown stout and is fruiting magnificently. It’s only nourishment has come from my favorite  Coast of Maine potting soil and one shot of organic fertilizer. Concerned the plant had outgrown its pot, I tried mustering the courage to transplant it to a larger container, but feared ruining a good thing…



Did I mention this thing works? One day, the weight of the lush growth and fruit brought the whole system down…a Tomato Catastrophe.  The agapanthus were not happy.




Now it’s battered, caged, tied and under a tower. With the dog days of summer fast approaching, transplanting has moved from elective surgery to life saving. Help!










I’m now researching large basil, basketball mozzarella and Costco sized Balsamic Vinegar.

Eat your heart out bro…



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2 Responses to Hot Tomato

  1. Connie Cowen says:

    I LOVE reading this tale of victory over the most successful Beefsteak tomato plant in Greenwich – and perhaps beyond! I hope Gardener’s Supply Company hears about your post and offers
    you a fortune to allow them to publish this – but not before I rush to buy stock in the company
    tomorrow morning.
    Huge thanks for sharing, Connie

  2. alan gorkin says:

    Hi Perry- its alan gorkin, wonderful stuff. may i contact you? friend me on facebook or email me.

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