Stop and Smell The Roses


9e1db2c5-6907-443a-aabf-046a3ff9535e caa6cd1b-819a-4ab9-a82a-34ba2bfc01479c45ea97-e572-4053-a066-6ad7e4fb6be2074f1d8e-c818-41fb-bc78-c85d21e7e20c 64e97729-f5e0-42ca-a235-ca27fbbb773cd4954fbe-8545-4d28-9640-0a0e525c7ae72c8f756e-d6b1-46bf-bfed-e4be5d58f20557cc8314-1cea-426d-b747-2d43eec64072Poppy Pup v2 SmallThis photo is of Poppy, (now almost eleven), who from the beginning, has been my faithful gardening companion.  When she feels I’ve worked hard enough, she lays her ball at my feet and reminds me it’s time to play, (and smell the flowers.)

The other photos have been buzzing around the internet. Some patient, talented soul caught these amazing moments with animals, but sadly, the photos are unattributed.

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  1. Connie Cowen says:

    What a lovely way to begin the day. Thank you, Perry and Poppy, for reminding
    me to smell the flowers. xx Connie

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