Book Fetish

What is it about summer that gives us permission to indulge in less scholarly texts that we wouldn’t consider the rest of the year?


Is it because we spent the first quarter century of our lives in school, and subconsciously  think from September to June we still should be immersed in serious stuff, or is it because fewer people are looking over our shoulder in the summer, who we fear might sneer at our guilty pleasures.

My book club is on it’s summer hiatus, and I’ve taken the opportunity to read less book cluby things. And…I discovered something wonderful.

I rarely read mysteries because I’m already afraid of most things, and need no help imaging a plethora of new scary things. However, my friend Teresa, who works at a local bookstore, adores mysteries. One day, when I was buying a stack of books, she snuck one into my bag, and insisted I try it.

She has created a fan, at least with this author, Elly Griffiths, who is so pretty, you can’t imagine she could write anything too grizzly. She has sucked me in with her wonderful characters. It’s a series, you see, and she makes me feel I have very interesting friends who live far away, and I must read the next book to see how they’re faring.

The primary character is Dr Ruth Galloway, a forensic archeologist with a specialty in bones! Oh, and then there is Detective Harry Nelson, fierce, but with a lovely tender center. Oh my, it is against my religion to see these two … oh dear, and therefore I read these books with delight and a sprinkling of guilt.

Have you ever thought of a book analogous to a candy bar? Well, neither had I.  Yesterday, as I closed the blinds in the middle of the afternoon, and snuggled up with the third in the series, I felt as if I was indulging in something every bit as delicious and naughty as a candy bar.

Hooray! Enjoy your last month of summer!

Griffiths Books

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2 Responses to Book Fetish

  1. Deirdre K Pierson says:

    Such a charming post. I’ve been on a Tolstoy, Flaubert, Zola and Stendhal roll myself and loving it!

  2. Candy Peters says:

    There is nothing like a really good mystery! I adore them and try to work one in. I’m thrilled as I now have a new author to persue!

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