Garden Favs 2016


Hot. Really hot. Really really hot. Working in the garden has been inconceivable these last few weeks. The humidity and heat were a relentless tag team. I hid in the air conditioned chill of our home, but an annoying voice sent me warnings. Indeed. The plants became a classroom of hooligans as the teacher steps out to use the loo.

DSC_0803The squash, displeased with its spacious plot, hiked the garden fence and draped itself over the boxwood. I thought I’d planted zucchini, but surprise! I have a pumpkin patch.

And then the crazy heat produced crazy storms. Niagara-like rain pounded my statuesque phlox and anemones, until everything collapsed.

But enough drama. Let’s talk about the beautiful and well-behaved.

These are the cream of the crop this year, Swiss Chard ‘Ruby Lights’, withstanding heat and downpours.


Have you ever seen such a pretty vegetable in your life? This plant is edible joy.


Mandevilla: This vine is refreshing change from the pink variety. It flowers are big, bright and cheerful. I wish I’d given it a taller teepee to climb. In the south they call it the ‘mailbox plant.’




Salvia ‘Black and Blue’: This salvia is a hummingbird favorite. It ‘s underneath our kitchen window, where it’s like Grand Central Station with hummers imbibing all the live long day.



Allium ‘Millenium’ : This allium is like the Jackie Kennedy of the plant kingdom: quiet, sophisticated, demure, never mussed up, always just-so.




Passiflora ‘Amethyst’: Exotic, always fascinating, a work of art only God could have conceived.


Shirley Poppy: As a child, didn’t you make flowers like these out of crepe paper?  The petals are delicate as tissue and translucent. Perfection.

Honeybees love them.

These plants are Greenbriar approved! What plants are your favorites this summer?


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  1. B. Betschart says:

    Wow beautiful garden. Wish I could be there.

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