Fall is looming on the horizon, and I have that running-out-of-time feeling.


How is it that I have two, nearly untouched, 800 page books sitting at my bedside, needing time and thoughtful consideration.


My ambitions get the better of me. I think I should throw in a good classic now and then, so I dove into Anna Karenina, but my book group revs up again in September with A Little Life….. I need a beach vacation.

Oh, and in the car…. the historical epic Fall of Giants, clocking in at 24 discs and 30 plus hours of listening pleasure.

I do need a beach vacation…maybe I’ll drive out to Cabo.


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  1. Deirdre K Pierson says:

    You go, girl! I can vouch for Anna Karenina — an all-time favorite!

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