Sam’s Carrot Souffle’

I have dreamed of going to Blackberry Farm in Tennessee for years. The pastoral setting and farm-to-table sensibility encapsulate a life I aspire to…family, friends, a country home, lots of animals, a huge vegetable garden, acres of woods and meadows, and a chef! Not only would I like to stay there as a guest, but I’d love to be put to work too.



I’ve borrowed their namesake cookbook from our local library at least three times, lingering over the luscious recipes and admiring the gorgeous pictures of this deluxe Inn.

The New York Times featured the article below on Wednesday in it’s Food section. I was shocked and saddened for this young family, whose husband and father died tragically in a skiing accident.

Tonight I made Sam’s Carrot Souffle’, in honor of Sam and his family. The photograph in the article of Sam’s widow is beautifully rendered. Her face tells a story.

She is wearing a simple cross.




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  1. Liz j says:

    Read this sad, inspiring NYT story & hope to make soufflé–but won’t get to the 800 pagers. Glad to be back on your blog Perry. Nice going: cheers!

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