What do you drink when you’re thirsty?


There are a lot of choices. Too many actually. It’s overwhelming looking at this display. They are lined up like movie stars, all screaming for attention while looking so cool.

What’s going on here? This display would indicate we are seriously worried about hydration, but apparently not from the kitchen faucet. Isn’t this antithetical to everything we know is happening to our environment. We deeply care, (right?), and are doing our personal best to repair this planet which we are called to honor and protect.

This drink display is destined to create a serious amount of garbage. How much of it will be recycled and how much will end up in a landfill or in the ocean.


This sad sight is on one of my favorite Caribbean islands. The garbage man does not make everything magically disappear, after all.

These companies have us snookered into the convenience of single serving bottles. How many of them are flavored tap water?

I love color and when I grab one of these, I’m hoping it will be life changing. I fall prey to the ads and slogans promising me youth, vitality and peace…however, I draw the line on the blue ones. It looks like something you’d be forced to drink before a CT-Scan, so your organs light up.


I don’t mean to sound smug…I grew up on Hi-C Orange drink. My parents wouldn’t buy soda, but my mom treated us to ‘juice’ in a can. She wasn’t a label reader. I’m certain there was 0% juice in it.

These companies make millions, carefully based on our love of convenience, color and the hope that 12 ounces of magic will make all our troubles go away. At that moment, we believe we’re making healthy choices, but of course, we’re not…and definitely not when it comes to the environment.

When I’m conflicted and overwhelmed, I return to the basics.

Sun tea is simple and thirst quenching. I’m not adding to the landfill and not depleting my piggy bank. Put 12 tea bags in 10 cups of water. Place vessel in sun for 4-6 hours. Add ice and sweetener of choice. Drink. Ahhh.



One more thirst quencher that’s one of my favorites, and best for you… water!






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  1. Candy peters says:

    How right you are … And yet I’ve never given it a thought while in the supermarket. The recycling of all our convenience items is a huge issue I’ve now gotten into the habit of simply shopping the parameters: fresh produce, cheeses, meats and dairy. I also don’t get tempted with all the pretty boxes!

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