Turks Sonata

Far from home, I gaze out at turquoise waters, within arms reach.
Amazingly, a humpback whale and her calf skim the surface of the water, feeding on the riches of the Caribbean Sea. Where we’re staying on Turks And Caicos is nestled in a State protected nature preserve, and has retained its wildness and untainted beauty. Our resort lies five miles off the main road, on a meandering path of lumpy coral bedrock that is a long and bruising ride in our rental car.

There is no signage indicating there is anything at the end of this journey; but just when you think you are totally lost, the road rewards you with gentle paving, leading into a Zen- infused, modern, tropical oasis, where smiling faces and open arms assure you have come to the right place.DSC_0203

Our annual winter migration always leads us back to the soothing waters of the Caribbean, where our worn and frazzled edges are gently smoothed by the waves of the ocean melting into the shore, while the warm breezes bring comfort and peace.DSC_0209

Bicycles are the default transport here. Far from luxurious or high-tech, these are old fashioned, fat-tired, no-geared vehicles, that take you from your wonderfully secluded villa to meals and activities. No cars…nice. We pedal lanes and byways through thick jungle-like shrubs, resetting our hearts to a leisurely pace. Our spirits are rekindled by the breeze that messes our hair, and a path that leads to unknown adventure.

We sleep like babies, content with this newfound simplicity, gentility, and a pure horizon line. Adding to this fantasy are masseuses and wine stewards, and a staff eager to help us regain our playfulness.DSC_0215

Yesterday we signed up for an innocent sounding class called ‘Water Aerobics.’ A handsome, bronzed South African named Trayl, (pronounced ‘trail’), met us at the pool to test our ability to hold our breath for increasingly longer periods of time…the ultimate goal to swim the entire length of the very long pool underwater. Once we had progressed to his satisfaction, we headed to the ocean. We soon arrived at ‘The Rock Garden,’ a protected pool of the sea close to shore. The powerful, never-ending ocean waves have carved out pits filled with smooth tumbled rocks and coral. We began our challenge by simply diving down to reach a hole on the sea floor. My naturally buoyant body, apparently a female attribute related to shapeliness, curves and such, made me pop to the surface despite my frantic flailing to dive deep. My svelte husband surpassed me as usual and progressed to the next step- diving down, selecting a stone and passing it on to me. Eventually he completed class one, by running along the sandy bottom toting his mighty rock – this is ‘Water Aerobics,’ fun and games, island style.

A sun-kissed day, packed with rock toting, pummeled by massage and cleansed with wine, made for the sweet sleep of babes.

Tomorrow is only in our dreams.


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  1. Heaven on Earth, some day it will be like this for everyone!

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