It’s All About Bob

IMG_2627I’d like to introduce to my new friend, Bob. He weighs about 150 pounds, has a sleek fiberglass body, and will let you ride on his back at speeds of near 12 mph, while introducing you to the world under the sea, with little effort on your part. Welcome to the twenty-first century.IMG_2630Bob is sleek but solid, and you will need help toting this date to the water.

Once in his element, Bob invites you to lay on his back, squeeze the accelerator and hold on. You can zoom straight out to sea to tempt the sharks, or stay inshore, making figure eights, and torment the bathers.

Bob is like a personal submarine that follows your orders….. or a motorcycle that is seaworthy.When you point Bob’s nose down, he soars beneath the surface, where for a while you feel like a starlet in a Jacques Cousteau film. Bob took me on a tour of an undersea garden, brilliantly colored fish, yellow tail snapper with golden yellow sides, electric Blue Tang and angelfish. Magical.

Bob is a expensive date, but I can’t wait to hook up again the next time I’m in the islands.



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2 Responses to It’s All About Bob

  1. Annmarie G. says:

    Sounds like a perfect date!

  2. Connie Cowen says:

    Thanks for sharing news and photos of your friend, Bob. Are you still dancing with him or have
    you returned to rainy CT?

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