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Fall is looming on the horizon, and I have that running-out-of-time feeling. How is it that I have two, nearly untouched, 800 page books sitting at my bedside, needing time and thoughtful consideration. My ambitions get the better of me. I … Continue reading

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Book Fetish

What is it about summer that gives us permission to indulge in less scholarly texts that we wouldn’t consider the rest of the year? Is it because we spent the first quarter century of our lives in school, and subconsciously  think from September to June we still should be immersed in … Continue reading

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Shortly before Christmas, I stumbled upon a book championing vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans as the cornerstone of a healthy, disease-preventing diet. This isn’t exactly breaking news…my Mama told me long ago…but with all the prepared foods we ingest because of … Continue reading

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Cuba, Rum, and Hemingway

Mojitos are the national beverage of Cuba. Wherever we dined, lunch and dinner, mojitos were offered like iced tea and lemonade on a summer day in New England. Warning: they can make everything soft and fuzzy pretty quickly if seduced … Continue reading

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Book Group

I’ve been a lover of books my whole life. Growing up, I bounced between Vermont, where our television could access one channel, (mostly static), and summer sailing voyages to Maine and back, with Dad navigating while Mom steered. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Homemade Applesauce and Gingerbread

I am swooning at this moment because the kitchen smells incredible. On the stove is a big pot of freshly picked apples boiling down for applesauce, and in the oven, a pan of gingerbread. My Pennsylvania Dutch Mom used to … Continue reading

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The seeds on the flowers have ripened to perfection. This morning, four finches were sharing the same plant. I wish I could learn to have my camera ready. By the time I was prepped, the dogs had scattered the birds. … Continue reading

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The Rainy Month of May

Yesterday was a dark, chilly, drizzly, holed up in the house by the fire day. In June! The dogs and I were moping while looking out at the garden with our noses pressed up against the glass. To take my … Continue reading

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Iced Tea and Book Group

I grew up drinking Lipton’s Iced Tea Mix. It came in a fool proof packet that required no measuring; you dumped the powder into 2 quarts of water and voila! It quenched the thirst of our big family. Nowadays I … Continue reading

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