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Mama Snapper

In late May I witnessed a snapping turtle excavating a shallow bed in the soft dirt of our garden. When she was satisfied her nest was just right, she backed her tail section in and busied herself  laying eggs. This … Continue reading

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Mozzarella Man

Hooray, our own tomatoes, drenched in flavor from the summer sun, are ripening on the vine! I drove to Citarella, a new market in town, in search of the softball-size, shrink-wrapped mozzarella, sure to be stacked next to a mountain of tomatoes and bouquets of … Continue reading

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In the quiet of a late winter morning, a battalion of height-fearless commandoes, equipped with chainsaws, brush cutters, and chippers, descended upon our neighborhood.  They had been directed by  Tennessee Gas to eradicate any plant growing within 35 feet of their pipeline, a … Continue reading

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Bird Treats

The prediction of a big snow ‘event’ wasn’t a ruse after all! Like a child anticipating Christmas morning, I awoke every hour through the night to peer out the window, hoping to see snowflakes. Finally, early this morning, I was able … Continue reading

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What did you get for Christmas? I received a cloning device. For me, cloning is not a good word. A box was delivered to our home from someone in New Mexico. I didn’t know the sender. I opened the box and … Continue reading

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The dawning of a new day a is a gift that unwraps gradually. A new year is upon us, spread out like an enormous blank canvas…one that deserves some deep reflection before we start painting. For the first time, we took down our … Continue reading

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  The Audubon is a nature center in Sharon, Connecticut, named after the famed naturalist and painter John James Audubon. It is one of five in the State, with a particular focus and devotion to non-releasable animals, (a generally nice way … Continue reading

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For the Love of the Wild

Doug Tallamy, the author of  The Living Landscape, spoke recently at our local Audubon Center. Doug is the Professor and Chair of the Entomology and Wildlife Ecology Department at the University of Delaware, and a wonderful speaker and teacher. His compelling books have … Continue reading

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Cooking for Love

I have been up since the wee hours, cooking JJ comfort food in preparation for a couple lousy days on the sofa, post surgery. Soup is my elixir for healing and comfort – something we all need quite a lot … Continue reading

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The Ranch at Rock Creek

It is the tail end of the season here on the ranch in western Montana. The aspens are lighting up the prairie with a golden glow. The nights are cold, daylight is diminishing daily, but the sun burns intensely during the … Continue reading

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