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Fall is looming on the horizon, and I have that running-out-of-time feeling. How is it that I have two, nearly untouched, 800 page books sitting at my bedside, needing time and thoughtful consideration. My ambitions get the better of me. I … Continue reading

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Book Fetish

What is it about summer that gives us permission to indulge in less scholarly texts that we wouldn’t consider the rest of the year? Is it because we spent the first quarter century of our lives in school, and subconsciously  think from September to June we still should be immersed in … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Recently, I’ve become aware of an excessive amount of stuff lurking in hidden crevices in my life. Pieces of a version of life long ago. A bill arrived recently for a storage unit we rent. I’d forgotten about this embarrassing … Continue reading

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Book Group

I’ve been a lover of books my whole life. Growing up, I bounced between Vermont, where our television could access one channel, (mostly static), and summer sailing voyages to Maine and back, with Dad navigating while Mom steered. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Putting Food By

Many moons ago when I was in high school and loved books every bit as much as I do now, I worked in a wonderfully quaint book store called Mad Tom’s in Manchester, Vermont. One of my jobs was unpacking … Continue reading

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